Every Stitch is a Prayer...for Sanity

Every Stitch is a Prayer... for sanity. Being a stay at home mother of 4 sanity comes short and designing allows me to be human. It comes as easy as breathing as gives me moments to stop negotiations of one more cookie to meditate on something so simple. I could travel through time to 100 or 500 years ago and be just as relevant to the world.

Designing and creating also allows me to mediate on the person wearing my gowns. I hope, wish, or pray that young lady wearing the prom dress of her dreams, made specifically for her, protects her, keeps her safe, and only produces happy memories.

I send good vibes to the bridesmaids sporting the dress I made to keep them comfortable on what could be a stressful, rather long day of standing up straight and smiling. I also hope that it helps the bridesmaids be the support that is needed on such a special day.

For the Bride, I pray, as she walks down the aisle, or however she finds her partner, that she stays in the moment and lets that moment sanctify her heart. Leaving all other things behind.

Every Stitch is a prayer for wonderful blessings.

I have been very blessed in my life. I have a wonderful husband, 4 beautiful children, and an opportunity to do what I truly love to do. After receiving a sewing machine for Christmas my senior year of high school, I obtained my Bachelor's in Design, Merchandising, and Textiles from Western Kentucky University in 2008. While attending I had the opportunity to work in the Costume Shop for the University's Theater Department. 
That led me to an apprenticeship in the Costume Deptartment for Utah Shakespearean Festival were I was able to sew along side the best in their field. Upon graduating I moved home, started making custom designs, performing alterations, married my high school sweetheart and began creating a family. My 4 "apprentices" keep me quite busy but love to help in my studio. While it is a bit of chaos around me at all times, I love to create beautiful things and appreciate it so much that you took time to check out my designs!

It has been an honor to serve my local community for over 10 years. My business grows everyday and I hope to be the blessing in the lives of the people around as they have been in mine. 

I look forward to meeting you and traveling through time with you for just a moment.

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