Stay Humble, Work Hard, Be Kind

Very simple and consise and all you need to get to know me a bit better.  These three points are my mantra and over the next 3 posts I'll share my thoughts and connections to each one.

Thank you for reading!

Stay Humble.

Everything that I have ever been given has been a prayer answered.  I am nothing on my own.  I have no control over the future or my surroundings, I can only control my choices and my responses.  I have no great plan for my future except to raise kids that could potentially be my friends when they’re adults and to spend the rest of my life with my love.  I follow the path that has been set for me blindly because I know that His plans can reach farther and deeper than I could ever imagine.

So I pray for everything.  And when the month is drawing to an end and there is not quite enough funds to make the days meet, I stay in awe when He sends me a client that needs the exact amount of work done that will cover the cost of the bills yet to be paid.  

Time after time He has provided.  

Without fail.  

If He did not, it was not meant to be and it was forgotten.  

While the worldly things of money, a house we couldn’t afford was gifted, a moderately priced dependable vehicle was supplied, were all well timed and deeply appreciated, it is my heavenly possessions that draw me closer to him. He has given me the opportunity to bare a child, not once but four times, he presented me with the love my life at the young age of 14, and he has placed me in the hands of my mother.  

Everything that I have and am is because of Him.  

So I lay at His feet, when He tells me to stand, I stand. When He tells me to walk, I walk.  When He tells me to follow, I follow.  

Without question, 

without hesitation, 

with only the knowledge that He is mine, 

and I am His.

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