Be Kind.

It took me a really long time to find my purpose, my motivation, my meaning in this world.  Making dresses, keeping up with the latest trends, focusing on the way people look, it can be vain.  I am relatively not a self absorbed person, I do not like the focus being on me at all, the idea of my picture being taken, or having to take the designer walk after a fashion show, sends me into a panic attack.  

I just liked to sew.  

I was wrapped in guilt and I tormented myself over the notion that I am just adding to the already abundant amount of vanity and self infatuation that fills the world.  

And then I had a thought, what if I’m nice. What if instead of just making dresses, I am pointedly nice to people at the same time.  And not just be nice because I’m trying to sell my product and they’re my customer, but be nice because I really care how their day is going.  I really care how their wedding plans are unfolding.  

It may seem  simple, yes, but with a dyslexic mind that over complicates things, that is how I have to function.  The simplest solution is always the best.

And so the process began, I started telling myself, “You’re nice, Kim, and no matter how anyone behaves around you, smile and look them in the eye.”  Slowly I started seeing a change in my thoughts, I was no longer worried what the end result was.   I no longer cared that I worked within a stereotypically vain field (a whole other thought for a different day). 

I started seeing my customers respond differently, they trusted me, they confided in me.  They knew I would care, I would listen, and I might possibly have an answer.  

My customer base broadened from my local community, to the surrounding counties, and then all of the sudden I had people driving 3-4 hours to come see me so I could make them a gown of their dreams. And now I have people all over the world, wrapped in the love from my stitches and comforted because I was kind to them.  

Don’t, however, mistake my kindness for weakness.  My kindness has become my shield, my protection.  I’m not always going to please or connect to every customer the way I would prefer, but that is okay, I’ll see my way through with my niceness.

 No, I’m not solving world hunger or ending child abuse, but I am using the gifts that I have been given to spread goodness and kindness all over the world.  

And that will always be my purpose, my motivation, my meaning in this world.